Why You Should Enroll in an Online Course


Did you know that AU offers online courses?

Research suggests that online courses help bolster learning. Online courses provide a flexible and accessible option for learning that is perfect for students who want to engage but have multiple extracurricular responsibilities that can limit their time.  And unlike traditional classes, online courses can encourage more student idea exchange via participation in discussion boards, which helps students build better community (Guldberg, 2008).

If you are having a hard time balancing your commute to campus with other responsibilities or are just interested in increasing your network, consider enrolling in one of AU’s online courses. These courses provide a unique opportunity to connect with other students from multiple regions with differing perspectives. Reach out to your academic department for a full list of online course offerings in your program!

Are you enrolled in online courses at AU? How do they help you balance your time more wisely?

Guldberg, K. (2008). Adult learners and professional development: peer‐to‐peer learning in a networked community. International Journal of Lifelong Education, 27(1), 35-49.




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