Welcome to the NEW Student Success Blog!


Exciting new developments are happening at Albizu University, and our new Student Success Blog will be your guide to staying in the know!

From freshman year to crossing the stage to receive your doctorate, this blog will help prepare you to succeed at AU by providing you with myriad resources each week. From well-researched tips and tricks for thriving in college to handy guides that will direct you to available student services that you can utilize, the Student Success blog will aid you in your educational pursuits at AU.

Here’s what to expect in the coming weeks:
An introduction to AU’s student support services and how you can use them to maximize your success

Best practices for student learning and knowledge retention

Information about university developments, organizations, events, and programs that promote student success at AU

Kudos for students and faculty/staff for contributing to student success

This blog is YOUR place to discover new and exciting ways to plug into the AU community to leverage the resources you need to support you all the way to graduation!


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