Experiencing, Learning, and Supporting Our Children and Ourselves through Online Learning


By: Kimberly A. Sanchez – Student Support Specialist – Title V Department

                Online learning is no longer a dream of the future; we live in the age of technology and are lucky to be able receive an education through amazing programs that allow us to build online “classrooms”.  As a parent and student, I have experienced online learning and the flexibility that it gives me to work and care for my child all the while pursuing my degree goals.

                In our present circumstances, online learning has never been so important. Most, if not all universities have transitioned all of their courses to online, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Public schools have also switched to online learning, which has taken me by surprise because I thought I would never live to see that. One of the most interesting and enjoyable things I have been able to be a part of is watching and helping my son through his online learning experience. I know that just like me, many parents whom are also students, are going through this experience right now. It can be a difficult task to juggle your duties and theirs due to the amount of assignments the children are given. I am not going to lie; it has been challenging. But it has also been a very bonding experience. I have been able to go through and help with my child’s assignments and see his classmates work as well; it is incredible to see how creative and imaginative these children are. It gives you a glimpse of what they are like during the school day and all the wonderful ideas they have.  They upload videos, scan and send documents, and complete online learning modules – just as we do in our college courses. Ultimately, the benefits our children will receive from this experience are plentiful. This will give them practice on effectively using technology, provide knowledge on how to navigate different applications and programs, practice their IT skills, build their self-confidence to record videos, and teach them how to communicate via an online classroom.

If you have not done so as a parent, I would definitely take a dive into their online classrooms to review their assignments and also review the other student’s assignments. My son is 10 years old and being able to see the videos that he and his classmates have developed online has been a treat – very funny and innovative children. It is astounding to see how brilliant children are – no matter how young. This can also serves as a nice break from your course work and a great distraction from what is going on around us. Enjoy and take advantage of those moments! And relish in this time at home with your children!

Important Information: Remember to stay safe and take care of yourselves during this crucial time. Eat well, get some sun, wash your hands, rest and repeat. Please remember to check your Albizu student email on a daily basis to keep up with your professors and stay up-to-date with any communications from the institution. And please note that if you are experiencing a hard time adjusting to all the transitions and/or this pandemic, we at Title V and the Student Affairs department are here to help you.

If you need to meet with a peer mentor to discuss other pertinent issues email peermentor@albizu.edu or ksanchez@albizu.edu.

If you need help with assignments, consider making an appointment with the Tutoring Center by calling (305) 593-1223, ext. 3264 or 3245 or by sending an email to dosa@albizu.edu

For any issues related with Blackboard/Collaborate contact the ITS department at auitshelpdesk@albizu.edu;

If you are having problems connecting to Blackboard or Sunmail, contact the auitshelpdesk@albizu.edu. Students with limited access to the Internet may want to take advantage of a 60 day free trial offer from Comcast – https://corporate.comcast.com/press/releases/internet-essentials-low-income-broadband-coronavirus-pandemic choose Carlos Albizu University.

Albizu University’s Office of Student Affairs and Title V staff is here to serve you!


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