We Heard You!: Behind the Student Success Blog


We Heard You! is a series focusing on the exciting new developments occurring at Albizu University as a result of your feedback! AU takes students’ concerns and celebrations seriously, and your voice helps improve our environment!

The Student Success Blog is the brainchild of the AU Title V Department, which is headed by Dr. Floralba Arbelo. It is a temporary department created to direct and manage all activities linked to the $2.7 million grant awarded to AU by the Department of Education in 2015.  In response to students’ desires for more opportunities for online learning, Dr. Arbelo and a group of colleagues authored and won a grant to do just that.  The grant also enables the university to enhance student support services by building a student success center on the 2nd floor of AU.

This blog is part of the support services initiatives developed by grant staff to increase communications. 82% of surveyed students agreed that our university is “warm, friendly, and supportive” on the 2015-2016 Student Satisfaction Survey, and this blog is just one of the many ways we hope to reach a 100% satisfaction rate.

We hope you will find this blog to be an incredibly useful resource during your academic career at AU. Be sure to visit often to stay in-the-know!

Student Success Bonus Tip: AU wants your feedback! Make your voice heard by completing the Student Satisfaction Survey this month! You will receive the link in your inbox within the next two weeks.

The Title V Department consists of Dr. Floralba Arbelo, Cynthia Meca, and Brittney Davis (pictured L-R).


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