Update: Title V Grant Initiatives


Did you know AU was awarded a grant from the U.S. Department of Education as part of the Title V Developing Hispanic-Serving Institutions Program?

A few years ago, AU’s undergraduate department was awarded a multimillion-dollar grant to raise and sustain academic quality, improve student success, enhance outreach, implement emerging technologies, and enhance campus facilities. What does that equate to for you as a student? A lot of improvements to your institution and your education! You may have noticed some changes already, but here’s an update on everything that’s going on with Title V.

Redesigned Courses
The Title V office has been working with faculty members to redesign traditional classroom-only courses into hybrid or online classes. The new courses are linked through Blackboard and offer students access to high-quality interactive instruction. Many AU students have restricted availability for classes, and the online and hybrid courses provide more options and flexibility, allowing students to learn the class material when it works for them. If you think this would help you better fit your studies into your life, be sure to ask your advisor about available online and hybrid course offerings for next semester.

Starfish EARLY ALERT™ Student Support Services
Starting in the Spring 2018 semester, undergraduate instructors will use a program called Starfish EARLY ALERT, which allows them to raise “flags” for students who could benefit from receiving additional assistance or information on campus resources. The instructors will also be able to send “kudos” to complement students on quality academic performances. The hope is that this program will provide an added layer of support to ensure students receive the help they need and are acknowledged for their hard work. Be on the lookout for emails about Starfish EARLY ALERT from AU’s Student Success Team next semester!

Peer Mentoring Program
Also beginning in the Spring 2018 semester is AU’s new Peer Mentoring Program. The program will hire five undergraduate students in good academic standing as Student Learning Assistants to provide peer mentoring services to their fellow students. All applications for the positions must come as referrals from AU faculty members, so if you are interested, please contact one of your professors and speak with him or her about this opportunity. For more information, contact the Title V Student Success Specialist, Jeff Ellis at jellis@albizu.edu or at (305) 593-1223, ext. 3198.

Stop By and Say Hi!
If you’d like to know more about the Title V initiatives, feel free to stop by office 132 and speak with the Title V Activities Coordinator and e-Learning Specialist, Elena Zablah, and the Title V Student Success Specialist, Jeff Ellis, or to office 195C to speak with the Title V Project Director, Dr. Floralba Arbelo.


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