Growth Throughout Graduate School


Growth Throughout Graduate School 

However, you’ve arrived here, get ready for a journey! Graduate school may very well be your ticket into gaining awareness, refining your voice, and developing lasting relationships that offer guidance as well as support in your times of need. My name is Jordyn Hazan, and I’m a second-year student in the Doctor of Clinical Psychology PsyD program. Joining this program and becoming part of an encouraging student body has allowed me to experience firsthand the kind of growth that is accessible to those who seek it. With an array of backgrounds, students originate from all parts of the world, and it is truly exciting to connect over both personal and professional interests. The evolving field of psychology, highlighted by a myriad of approaches, orientations, and styles, captures a notable point- flexibility and growth can allow an average clinician to become an increasingly valuable and resourceful one. Throughout my first year of the program, I’ve had the privilege of learning from many talented and bright professors. I’ve joined in discussions where I’ve heard many different outlooks and opinions.  

As a practicum student, I am currently working at Hallandale Medical Center’s office located in Delray Beach. Through many conversations with professors and students, I’ve gained an increasing interest in Neuropsychology and Neuropsychological testing. Now, I am getting to work alongside students in my cohort in training on and conducting such assessments. Being provided with instruction and supervision, I have been able to work with providers in building treatment plans, administering assessments, and facilitating group activities.  

Personally, along with Neuropsychology, I have an excellent appreciation for Family Systems Theory. In my undergraduate training, I had the opportunity to work with different families and complex units. I find value in each person’s connection with one another. I’ve seen the influence that familial dysfunction has on a family unit, and more so on each member. Through different techniques and resources, I have been able to further that training in Family System and delve into a deeper understanding of what lies beneath and maintains such dysfunction.  

A long-term goal of mine that I’d like to share is the ability to work internationally. With my family originating in Israel, it has always been my dream to work there and give back to particular communities that provided my family and me with so much. I would love nothing more than to practice in both Israel and the States. In my quest to learn about the international sector of psychology, I have taken a specific interest in learning about the availability and standardization of neuropsychological assessments for those of minority backgrounds. While there is still plenty of research to be done, I am motivated to help bridge gaps between parts of the world and different types of people. 

Personally, I love being outdoors and spending time working on my internal growth. I have gained incredible tips and tricks for self-care and regulation from fellow classmates and put them to the test all the time! I enjoy meeting new people, listening to new perspectives, and being challenged. Before the pandemic, I loved traveling and hope to return to the airways in the future.  

While we can never be too sure of what the future will bring, in this doctorate program, we can be sure that we’ll grow a whole lot! 


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