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Fall semester is a time of new beginnings, new energies, and focus on academic goals. As we have welcomed our student body to campus, it has been a joy to see students out and about in our offices, events, hallways, and of course, classrooms. I’d like to use this space for a little inspiration as we begin the academic year.

Time Passes Quickly – At Albizu University Miami, we have 15-week semesters. Don’t lose sight of this as you conduct your academic planning. Plan ahead, take advantage of each week, resources, and stay organized. This is one strategy you will never regret spending time on.

Embrace Change – Change is a constant and an inevitable fact of life. Be flexible and ready to embrace transitions and or bumps in the road. You may have changes in your life that impact you, don’t allow those to become barriers to your academic progress.

Find Your Tribe – Peer networks are a great influence on your academic journey. Find friends and like-minded individuals that will hold you accountable to your academic goals, share resources, knowledge, and who give good advice. Get involved and engage through clubs and campus events. Do good together and remember the golden rule: Do to others what you want done to you.

Focus Forward – Don’t lose sight of your goals and keep pushing forward; even and especially when it is difficult. Set your goals, dream, and plan forward. Don’t let anything deter you from forward action. Plan your next two semesters, the classes you will enroll in, the events you will engage in. This is your degree, work at it at it and don’t quit until you reach your goal.  – Dr. Arbelo, Dean of Student Affairs

Info & Links You Need Right Now:

  • Student Success Portal – This is a one-stop shop for students to access resources such as:
    • Albizu Office Directory, Registration Tutorial, Monthly Calendar
    • Student Forms and Documents (add/drop, application for graduation, academic calendar, disability accommodations)
    • Pre-recorded workshops on academic writing, APA 7 helps, career events, and much more.
    • Links to the tutoring scheduler, graduate student research center, academic faculty advisors lists, library links, career services, and much more.

How can I find the Student Success Portal? Click on this link and log into Blackboard, Click on Organizations and then Portal T- Student Success Center



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